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Dear May Tribiger
Re:9 country hills gate nw

As the authorized representative for in your area, your comparative home evaluation has been prepared by professional personnel at the office of Calgary First Real Estate Inc for 9 country hills gate nw.

Great care has been taken to prepare this report, which is based primarily upon the information you submitted being compared to recent sales of similar properties in your area.

Our research indicates that your  property has the potential to attract a good price over the next month or two while the market remains strong.

The next step in the process would be for us to inspect your property and give you a free formal home evaluation. House prices also vary in accordance with their condition, aspect and location to amenities such as transport, schools and shops.

There are also many things which can be done to enhance both the salability and attractiveness of properties before they are placed o­n the market. Let us, as the experts, help you through the process.

Please note that due to the confidential nature of this email, and as a matter of professional courtesy, a representative from our company will contact you within the next few days to confirm that you, as the intended recipient, have received this report.

John Maygard
Calgary First Real Estate Inc
Comparative House Prices In Your Area

Your property is the type of property that current buyers are seeking in today's market. It would have every chance of selling swiftly for a good price should it be placed on the market now.

Sold Date: 04/11/06 Sold Price: $ 323,000 This property sold over 3 months ago and is smaller then your as well as in a less desireable location.
Sold Date: 04/29/06 Sold Price: $ 329,900 Though the size of this 2 story is closer to yours it does not have a garage and also sold some time ago.
Sold Date: 05/15/06 Sold Price: $ 396,500 The size and type of property are getting close to yours as well as being recently sold.
It would appear that properties similar to yours have recently sold for between $320000 and $400000 in the area. However it is more more likely that your home would sell for between $420000 and $445000 if it is placed on the market now. If you wish to proceed to a detailed evaluation consultation, a more accurate figure could be given. Please click on the evaluation button below.

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