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Heritage Mall (Edmonton, Alberta)

This site includes exterior pictures of Edmonton's dead mall, Heritage Mall which opened in 1981 and closed up in 2001.

It opened with 4 anchors. They were Eaton's, Sears, Woolco and Safeway. Eaton's closed up all their Canadian stores sometime in the late 90's and Woolco was bought out and most of their stores were converted to Wal-Mart's in 1994. In the late 90's Wal-Mart left, Safeway built a free-standing building nearby and around 2000 Sears moved to Southgate Mall leaving the mall without any anchor stores. It went quickly downhill after and eventually closed where it still sits today. All pictures were taken in the Summer of 2005.

Update (February 2009): Not sure if the mall has been completely demolished since I no longer live in Edmonton. When I visited last in late 2007 part of it had been torn down.

Residential, office space and more will take the malls place. It is called Century Park and is expected to take place soon and be fully completed in 10 years.

Century Park

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